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Metric LS is a software created by iCustomer and DAM Digital. It can collect and analyse large amounts of data and turn it into a feedback source that can grow their client’s revenue.

Dashboard was designed by software developer so obviously it lacked human centred design approach. What was obvious for the developer wasn’t quite usable for customers. Therefore I was asked to have a look at the project, gather feedback and improve the design.


Navigation was very small and barely visible on the grey background. Dashboard design looked overwhelming with too many drop downs and filter options. It also lacked a “clear” functionality, which would allow users to easily go back to starting state. Calls to action actions were quite far off to the right-hand side and their placement didn’t clearly communicate their function. The pie chart didn’t show a percentage break down of each value. 


The Statements section was very confusing as well. Same colours were used to depict different values and it took users a lot of time and cognitive effort in order to find the information they were looking for. Positive and negative indicators were not displayed at the cards so the user had to click through to check it. 

The solution

I’ve organised interviews with few existing users and based on that I’ve implemented several changes to the dashboard. Our main aim was to simplify the dashboard and reduce the number of steps user had to take in order to achieve their goal.


Firstly I reduced the number of filters and grouped them into categories of “Customer” and “Time”. This visual distinction creates more organised and easier to comprehend dashboard. Users can achieve their goal in a faster manner which saves them a lot of time and frustration. 

The small changes in design were received very well and improved the overall experience of using the software.

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