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iCustomer is a consultancy firm that helps companies identify their customers' needs, prioritise them and make better business decisions. They combined their experience with the latest Artificial Intelligence to create a unique SaaS approach. The software they’ve created can collect and analyse large amounts of data and turn it into a feedback source that can grow their client’s revenue.


iCustomer old website didn’t represent an innovative company that is involved in creating state of the art machine learning software. In addition to this, there were no assets or brand guidelines. Their old logo wasn’t well executed and didn’t reflect the company’s values and mission of understanding customer’s needs (to be quite frank it looked like a snail). 

Another issue was that they had great knowledge in their field, provided us with lots of written content however they needed help in simplifying their message and translating it to the digital environment.

My role

UX and UI design

I was the lead UX and UI designer on this project. I’ve also created creative direction for the whole brand.


Delivery and handover

I was working closely with our frontend developers to make sure the build reflect the mockups and that all interactions and animations are running smoothly.


UX approach


UX budget was limited on this project therefore I’ve focused my research on:

  • Stakeholders interviews and requirement gathering

  • Competitor analysis and best practice

  • Content strategy: I worked closely with iCustomer to simplify the language and structure of their content for the wider audience

Visual design



I decided to do a complete brand re-design so it would reflect iCustomers’ proposition and represent their core ideas. There was no point on in enhancing the old brand, it had to be a fresh start. Their mission statement was “making the complex simple - I used it as my guiding principle.


I’ve redesigned the logo and created a brand toolkit to help iCustomer communicate their mission and value better. 


The topic of consultancy and technology is quite elusive and it’s hard to find representative photography. I wanted to avoid using generic stock images therefore I created a set of characters that were used to explain the company’s offering. Those animated illustrations aimed to turn quite dry content into something that was easily digested and grasped by users. The website had to look fresh and modern and had a dynamic element to it.


Diagrams and data visualisation

To help potential clients grasp the complicated process of how iCustomer aggregates and analyses data and translates it into solutions and reports I’ve created a diagram that depicts how their software works. It helps people create a mental model of the technology and understand it’s potential and benefits it can bring to their business.



Although iCustomer wasn’t a big prominent client I was very excited about this project because I had a unique opportunity not only to create a great digital experience but also to shape the creative direction of the whole brand. The website looks modern and dynamic which is essential for a company that produces high tech machine learning software.


I managed to successfully translate iCustomer offering and vision into a digital environment and make the content engaging and easy to comprehend. The biggest challenge was to educate the client on how people grasp and digest information while browsing websites - and convince them to cut down the copy to the absolute bare minimum. 


iCustomer were very happy with the outcome, the website was praised by many of their clients and affiliates and give them a marketing tool they needed to increase their profit.

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