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UX /UI/Web Design



McArthurGlen were so happy with the outlet project that we were asked to design their corporate website too. The challenge was to merge two existing websites (group and corporate). We had to simplify and re-do the whole AI to find a good balance between B2B and B2C. The client wanted to show the size and prestige of their business to attract potential investors but also to communicate the experience of visiting their outlets to potential customers.



As there were less technical constraints this project allowed us more creative freedom than the outlet one. We visited flagship centre in Roermond, Netherlands in order to get inspired and we discovered that it is not only a shopping destination but also a place with artistic and cultural events and lots of entertainment for the family. 


We also had to gather requirements from the business and find out what they want from this project, and what they want the website to communicate to both investors and customers.


We wanted to translate this multilayerd experience into digital design therefore we used overlaping elements, which also show more artistic side of McArthurGlen. Their outlets have a lot of luxury brands boutiques but they don’t want to create that high fashion cold and almost unapproachable vibe. Therefore I used pastel colours and a lot of imagery to make the site look welcoming and inclusive. The photography was not focused on fashion campaigns but rather on the centres and people shopping in them. We wanted to create a sense of place and portray the outlet as a destination in itself, not just a shopping centre. 

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